From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia has a variety of exciting destinations to visit, ranging from beautiful beaches to historic buildings.

Let's see, 5 favorite destinations in Indonesia

1 . Bali ( 47 % )

Bali is still the number one tourist destination about. The proof, as many as readers chose Bali as a favorite destination in Indonesia. Talking about Bali, it seemed endless!

Problem beaches, Bali may still be champion. There Kuta Beach for sunbathing, surfing Suluban to play, Tanjung Benoa for water sport adrenaline racing, Jimbaran Beach where a romantic dinner, Balangan Beach which had a beautiful sunset, Dreamland beach to relax, a place to meet Lovina dolphins, Amed Beach which has an exotic black sand, or the Single Bias Coastal waters shades of white - light blue - dark blue.

Travelers who are fond of photography, came to Tanah Lot, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Lake Bedugul or Uluwatu. Beautiful scenery there will make you fall in love. For those of you who like shopping, do not forget to stop by the Art Market Sukowati or to Celuk for gold and silver hunting.

If you want to come to unique attractions, you can go to the village in Bangli Trunyan. There is no tradition of a typical funeral, that the body was not buried in the ground. So you can see the bones and skulls scattered away. In addition, there are also unique in Gianyar regency. There are temples carved in the cliffs of the mountain. Bali, a tourist destination complete!

2 . Yogyakarta ( 41 % )

Many traveler says, once came to Yogyakarta it feels like to come again. Inevitably, Yogyakarta was ranked second readers selected as the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Speaking of history, Yogyakarta has many interesting places to visit. There are 7 temples that you must visit there, namely Plaosan Bugisan Village, Village Kalasan Kalibening, Sewu around Yogyakarta and Klaten district border, in the village of Prambanan, Ratu Boko Temple, Sambisari, and Ijo Temple in Sambirejo village.

Malioboro and Beringharjo is a shopping paradise. You can hunt batik, culinary, or beautiful and unique souvenirs typical city of Yogyakarta. Not far from there, there are Taman Sari and Keraton Yogya sultan storing histories in the past.

If the traveler who likes to explore the museum, you can visited Vredeburg Museum, Children's Museum Kolong Appliances, Jogja Kembali Monument ( Monjali ), Yogyakarta Batik Museum and Ullen Sentalu. One place is unique in Taman Pintar Yogyakarta Batik Museum on Jl Senopati Panembahan. As the name implies, this park can make you smarter guys!

3 . Jakarta ( 5 % )

Who would have thought, Jakarta seems to be one of the favorite destination readers. A total of readers choose Jakarta as a favorite destination in Indonesia and was ranked third. Jakarta has Monas, Ragunan Zoo, Ancol, Setu Babakan, or Fatahillah Museum is well known and busy traveler.

About the museum, there are actually 5 museums that may not have a lot of traveler who knows. There Basoeki Museum Abdullah in South Jakarta with a collection of paintings cool, Youth Pledge Museum in Central Jakarta with the stories and history of the young nation gained independence in Indonesia, Mon Decor Art Museum in North Jakarta with various eccentric artwork, South Jakarta Police Museum which makes you more familiar with the police and the formation history, and the Museum of the Cathedral in Central Jakarta.

Various parks such as Taman Ayodya, Amir Hamzah Park, Taman Tanjung, Tomang State Parks, and Wildlife Soerapatti can make you a breath of fresh air in Jakarta. You also can walk along the Sunda Kelapa harbor with wooden boats and see the other side of Jakarta. If it's a unique building, Jakarta has Boating Mosque in Casablanca area!

4 . Medan ( 4 % )

Medan is selected as many as readers favorite destination in Indonesia. Travel for culinary connoisseurs, Medan sounds like heaven. Get ready to shake up the tongue with Soto Medan at RM Sinar Pagi, ice cream at Tip Top Restaurant, beef rib soup at RM Sipirok, or taste the delicious durian pancakes at Merdeka Walk.

Famous terrain with buildings beautiful and historic, like Maimoon and Tjong A Fie House. Religious buildings in Medan was no less beautiful, Shri Mariamman Temple, Mosque Raya Medan, Maria Annai Velangkanni Church, and Vihara Gunung Timur. For the traveler who has the guts, come to the Crocodile Park acid mlihat Beetle for many large crocodiles there.

Problem spending, not less Medan to Yogyakarta. Tax your foot step to the Old Fish hunting Ulos Batak cloth, Jl region Kruing to buy Bolu Meranti and Bika Ambon, or to Jalan Ahmad Yani Field Railway Station with many shops selling souvenirs and specialty items Medan.

5 . Palembang ( 3 % )

One more destinations on the island of Sumatra is the favorite traveler, namely Palembang. The capital of South Sumatra province have been as many as 106 readers. Anything you can do in Palembang?

Come to Ampera Bridge is so iconic Palembang travel. This bridge looks dashing splitting the Musi River and looks beautiful when bathed in light at night. Not far from there, you can take a boat to the island getek Kemaro who had high pagoda temple with 9 floors!

Balaputradewa Museum in Palembang apparently keep a secret that not many traveler knows. In this museum there is Limas House, which you see on the regular bill of Rp 10,000. Different again in Siguntang Hill, this is a cool place and store the tomb of King Segentar Natural in the Kingdom of Srivijaya .

Palembang Grand Mosque in the city center that is also interesting to attend. The mosque has three fusion of architectural styles, such as China, Europe, and Indonesia. Satisfied streets in Palembang, do not forget to taste like pempek pempek Candy and bring it home for a souvenir.

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