Sleeping in the wild with the stars and the sky as the roof is common. Stay at the hotel with a variety of themes funny too ordinary. What about stayed in the hotel in a cave like this 5 place? Guaranteed must be different.

From the official website of each hotel, this 5 hotels located in the cave:

 1 . The Caves, Jamaica

Located in Negril, Jamaica , The Cave offers an unusual sensation stays . The resort is located on the edge of the chalk Tabing with views overlooking the sea .

In the evening , guests will be invited to dinner in the cave . Sure do not miss , ocean view at night from inside the cave .

 2 . Les Hautes Roches , France

Formerly, Les Hautes Roches is a monastery in the cave . But then , the monastery changed , renovated and turned into a swanky hotel in the cave .

The hotel stay is promising a different experience for the tourists . Of the existing 15 rooms , 12 rooms are inside the cave . Not only that , the hotel bar is also located in the cave .

 3 . The Museum Hotel , Turkey

Upon hearing of Cappadocia , the first thing that comes to definite houses inside the cliff . Not only that , in the cliff cave aliases also exist in the city , namely the Museum Hotel .

The hotel provides the facility to stay in the cave . The entire wall of the room is a cave carved cliffs . Padded chairs and mattresses are provided in each room , will add to the impression of a comfortable stay there .

 4 . Desert Cave Hotel , Australia

Being in Coober Pedy , South Australia , Desert Cave Hotel built underground . The rooms in this hotel are made like being in a cave . Like a cliff wall cave fills almost all parts of the hotel , from the rooms , the bar , to the mall .

 5 . Le Grotte della Civita Sextantio , Italy

The hotel takes the location of a cave in Matera , Italy . The cave is transformed into a hotel with modern facilities .

The whole bedroom furnishings and bathrooms were made as modern as possible . Even so , it still feels a natural feel for the entire building still uses the cliff cave with a slight modification .

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