There is always a first time for snorkeling. For the first time snorkeling, there are 6 beautiful sea that fits for you.

Seeing the play snorkel to dive under the water is indeed exciting. But do not worry, a traveler who has never can do it anyway. Capitalize snorkeling equipment and sea as appropriate, undoubtedly traveler can also do snorkeling.

In the north sea dyke row of beautiful Bali to Lombok, some places in Indonesia with beautiful sea. The following 6 beautiful sea to snorkel the first time:

1. Karimunjawa, Jepara

Publications is an island in the Java Sea are included in Jepara regency in Central Java. Due to its location just north of Jepara, sea conditions in Karimun relatively quieter and fitting for snorkeling, sea rather than in the south of Java choppy.

For those who first tried snorkeling activities, Karimunjawa is one of the best places to do so. There is also the breeding of sharks that can be seen by a traveler. Not to mention the beautiful white sand beaches.

Publications traveler who wants to be able to achieve it with the first ship from the Port of Jepara or Semarang. Usually a traveler departing from the Port of Jepara with 6 hours of sea travel. But if you want to quickly get up from the Port of Semarang, but at a lower cost more.

2. Pink Beach, Flores

The next beautiful snorkeling spot is located at the Pink Beach Flores. This beach is located to the west of the island of Komodo, which is included in the Komodo National Park. Named pink sand beaches because it is pink.

Additionally Pink Beach also has a beautiful underwater world and crystal clear. Not a bit of a traveler who did snorkeling activity while on vacation to the beach Pink.

Easy enough to get to the Pink Beach on the island of Komodo. Once in the Komodo National Park, you can request the package to the local people who rent out a boat to be delivered to the Pink Beach. The distance is about 30 minutes from Loh Liang. Already many, tour operators in major cities in Indonesia which offers a trip to the Pink Beach.

3. Nanggu Gili, Lombok

Many already know the beauty of Gili Trawangan, Lombok. But other than the island of Gili Trawangan there are other, no less beautiful, namely Gili Nanggu in eastern Lombok. Describe how wonderful this island beach on the small island in Indonesia.

But not only clean beaches and clear sea, not a bit of a traveler who did snorkel in Gili Nanggu activity. The beach is not choppy and clear water is to be the best combination for the traveler lovers of snorkeling.

Even for the traveler who wants, can feed the fish through feed bottled provided by the seller. After snorkeling, just relax and admire the beauty of Gili Nanggu also fun to do.

4. Sulamadaha Beach, Ternate

Of Lombok moved to Ternate in the Moluccas. There Sulamadaha beach that has crystal clear blue water like glass. This beach had waters filled with beautiful fish. Boating down the beach it feels really amazing.

Of course almost everything a traveler who came not to be wasted beauty Sulamadaha Coast without first doing snorkeling activities. To be sure, snorkeling at the beach Sulamadaha like floating in the air was so clear water.

Beach Sulamadaha, traveler can see Hiri Island hilly right across. The distance is also very close, like just a stone's throw away. A traveler can also play water and sand beach, while enjoying the sea breeze is so cool.

5. Derawan, Berau

Derawan islands located in Derawan Islands cluster, District Derawan, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. The beauty of this island makes nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005.

If Kakaban You can find non-venomous jellyfish, then at Derawan Island you can find the green turtle. Generally, these animals can be found not far from the beach. Snorkel with sea turtles at close range is certainly interesting.

Shifted slightly from Derawan, there is also the island Maratuan the spot to meet with the manta fish. No need diving, just snorkeling course you can enjoy all the beauty on offer. Extraordinary!

6. Menjangan, Bali

Discuss snorkeling for the first time, it was difficult not to include Menjangan Island in Bali. Menjangan Island is one of the best snorkeling spots are located on the northwest coast of Bali. From Denpasar, can be reached about 4 hours drive.

In addition there are deer that became the origin of the name of the island, beauty spot snorkelling spots already unquestionable. Ranging from coral reefs, colorful fish to sharks can be found. On this island there is also a temple frequented by Hindus. Many variations.

After reading some recommendations snorkeling spot for a first-timer at the top, would make the traveler eager to plunge into the water. Write down only once, and made a couple of places above recommendations as a destination of choice for the next vacation.

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