For you that is saturated with holiday activities, it is proper to try 6 following extreme events. For once in our lives, must have the courage to challenge the adrenaline.

Ranging from diving to try the culinary extremes, traveler should never be afraid to break boundaries. Importantly, the safety factor remains dinomorsatukan. This 6 extreme activities that you should try at least once in their lifetime.

1. Paragliding

The first activity for you who like a challenge that is paragliding. Even though it looks simple and easy, it will pump adrenaline paragliding sport to the maximum. Fly knocked down wind from the heights will certainly bring a different sensation that must be felt by a traveler.

Aerosport to try this type of exercise, a traveler can go to the Mount Paragliding in the area of ??Peak, or some other place to try it. There already operators who are ready to help and assist you, which is actually a beginner and want to try to fly with paragliding.

Set aside time on the weekends to have Paragliding. Do not forget to invite your friends to participate. Guaranteed fun when grilled with friends. Moreover, the opportunity to exist in social media with selfie of height.

2. Diving

The second activity that you can do of course diving. Activity is on the rise could be an option for you are frantically looking for an alternative holiday. Just so you know, Indonesia ocean was very beautiful and spacious for you dive into.

From the start of Sabang in the west to the tip of Raja Ampat in the eastern part, everything is tempting for the traveler to explore. It seemed no one would refuse if asked to diving in the sea of ??Indonesia. Prepare only excellent physical, ability to swim, and of course the basic knowledge about the world of diving. To participate in diving activities, there is a rigorous training and certification process to be followed by the traveler.

Not infrequently adrenaline pumping when a traveler will also see a variety of unique animals underwater inhabitants. Stingrays, manta, green turtle, until sunfish unique can you find in a sea of ??Indonesia. Cook the only foreign tourists who enjoy the beauty of the underwater Indonesia?

3. Rafting

The next activity is rafting alias rafting, this is the kind of activities that are already quite familiar among travelers, both young and old. Naturally, since many are fond of rafting and many are developing.

You just prepare just great guts to try the sport rafting. The most exciting if to invite friends to participate. Do not forget the safety devices such as buoys and always wear a helmet, undoubtedly safe from danger.

4. Bungee Jumping

Who does not know Bungee Jumping? Type of extreme adrenalin activity is also required you try, at least once in a lifetime. You must try the sensation of plunging from a height, then bounced back into the air with a duration of up to a few minutes into the future.

Quite often many a traveler who was hooked after the first try of the game. For the first time, usually a traveler would be invited to plunge tandem. But henceforth, you have to plunge themselves to try sensation of height.

This activity will be many you find in Bali. Some tour operators provide this vehicle for you to try. If you are bored playing on the beach, it's good to jump from a height of Bungee Jumping. Calculated as experiences and stories for posterity.

5. Slingshot

Furthermore, there Slingshot, the reverse of Bungee Jumping. Type game adrenaline boosters this one was horrified-horrified savory sensation. Bungee jumping if you jump down, then you will be thrown if Slingshot sitting in a ball floated up to tens of meters in the air. Unfinished, the rope will slingshot back again to its original position and throws the chair until a few more times.

It was certainly makes excited, arenalin will be pumped up to the crown. In fact, there are several instances of tourists who pass out after trying slingshot. But fear not, just let go of tension and scream as loud as possible. Guaranteed stress will disappear, and the fear will disappear.

Not many rides operator in Indonesia. Some places to try in Bali Slingshot. A traveler can try to get there at least once a lifetime for the sake of trying sensation Slingshot thrown into the air up to tens of meters in height.

6. Culinary Extremes

Lastly, you can try a variety of culinary extremes that had never been attempted before. Only live once, time to try foods that were never imagined before. Grasshoppers, sago, worms, until the meat snake or lizard, all of them if you know a traveler tried too bad!

In Maluku and Papua widely available sago. In Gunung no fried grasshoppers. Bangkok is also a lot of fried insects. In Cambodia there instead of fried spiders.

Even in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, there is a market selling meat from animals that are not ordinary. Ranging from forest rats, snakes, up to bat. A traveler should try a variety of culinary extremes.

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