Long vacation at the end of May, are you ready with the agenda of the streets? Those who are still confused, Bali is still a fun option. There are many places that can add cheerful super long holiday weekend.

There is never bored when remembering Bali. Ranging from culture, nature, until the atmosphere there always makes a lot of people miss and want to go back there again. Not to mention a variety of new sights ever want to make a lot of tourists there.

If you take all the time off at the end of May, we had a 9 day long vacation that fits to spend in Bali . This is 7 places that must be visited when tourists fill the long holiday weekend in Bali:

 1 . Kuta

Vacation to Bali feels incomplete if it did not stop at Kuta. You could say, this is a paradise vacation in Bali. There are many rows of cafes there. Not to mention the beaches.

Kuta beach so one place is always crowded tourist for 24 hours. Has a length of about 5 kilometers, Kuta sand becomes " carpet " giant for tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Kuta. There are reading, swimming, surfing, or just sit on the beach.

Once night falls, the excitement of Kuta increasingly felt. Frenzied sound of music everywhere. Thump of the music and the lights illuminating the bars and cafes along Jalan Legian. Festive!

 2 . Ubud

For those want to experience tranquility and peace in Bali, Ubud place. You could say, Ubud is different from other cities in Bali. There was no frenetic music, no bikini or drunk tourists. There is only the unspoiled natural scenery and biting nicely with the culture remain stable.

Located in Ubud, tourists can see how the rural atmosphere in Bali. Starting from clothes, to the houses in Ubud is still very traditional. The architecture is very thick with the feel of a Balinese carving.

That makes more riveting Ubud is green panorama of rice terraces. In addition, you also can visit the Elephant Cave, Mount Kawi, Pura Kehen, Puri Saren Agung, Tirta Empul, and Yeh Pulu.

 3 . Lovina

Approximately 3 hours from Denpasar, Lovina beach tourism yan promises different from the other coast. Promising beaches tour to see dolphins.

If you want to see these aquatic mammals, tourists have already been on the ship and to the sea since at 06.00 pm. Do not be surprised if in the middle of the ocean so you see there are many others who participated fishing boats. Yes, all of them have the same goal, namely to see dolphins swimming in the morning.

 4 . Jimbaran

Who want to get the atmosphere of a romantic dinner on the beach, accompanied by Balinese dances and acoustic music, Jimbaran place. Here there are many seafood restaurants lined the beach as a dining room.

Once the first pass here, maybe you will have problems deciding a restaurant meal. But do not be confused, the whole point of eating here has the same menu. But if you want to feel that no one chose the place, you can get into the most crowded restaurant.

After selecting seafood to be eaten, pillar were admitted choosing a place to eat right on the beach. Choose where you think the best. While waiting for the food to come, enjoy the beach atmosphere of the night accompanied by soft music accompaniment and a light breeze.

 5 . Beaches Pandavas

Probably not many tourists know about the Pandavas Beach. According to locals, is one of the Pandavas Beach attractions that have recently been introduced to the public at large.

Located in Badung, Pandavas Beach can be reached using a motor vehicle. Before arriving at the beach, you are asked to pass through solid limestone hills and gahar. After that, then the Pandavas beach beauty look.

The blue color dominates the view. Add graceful white sand beach. Not to mention the still quiet atmosphere, adding to the fun holiday in Pandavas.

Apparently, not only filled the Pandavas beach by the beach, but also the Five Pandavas statue that stands on the cliff edge of the beach. You can pose with the statue fifth.

 6 . Tanjung Benoa

For those who enjoy water sports, Tanjung Benoa so place. Tanjung Benoa area has a calm sea, so to be a place for watersport.

Many watersport carriers available in Tanjung Benoa, all offering attractive tour packages. You can choose snorkeling, diving, parasailing, flying fish, banana boat, even sea walker.

 7 . Bangli

A bit far from Denpasar, Bangli also must be included in the list of your current destination to Bali. This place also has a cool place worth visiting, such as Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and Trunyan Panglipuran village.

Mount Batur is an active volcano located in Bali. One of the favorite places of tourists who come to Mount Batur is Lake Batur. From there, tourists can see the beautiful panorama of Mount Batur.

Still in Bangli, other attractions that must be visited is also Trunyan Village. The village has a unique cemetery. The body in the village go unpunished Trunyan on the ground. The bodies just shut down food shelf made ??of leaves. As a result, skulls and bones scattered in many places. Panglipuran village with beautiful atmosphere, cool also should not forget to visit.

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