Nusa Lembongan in Bali, usually known for beautiful beaches and beautiful diving spots. But who would have thought, there are also travel to explore the dense mangrove forest. As in Borneo!

This occasion I tried to cruise the northeast side of the island of Nusa Lembongan namely mangrove forests. I drove leisurely down the island using a motor which is the most common rental vehicles on the island.

For a moment we got off the boat crossing, you can see many many motorcycle rental. Make sure you get the prices are inclusive of fuel.

Initially a little confused when arriving at Mangrove Forest area is relatively quiet enough compared with other areas in Nusa Lembongan. But finally, there are signs that convinced me to enter trekking into the forest.

The excitement is just beginning when the down the path in the jungle, also bridges amid mangrove trees. Seen some moored boats without engine in one of the mangrove trees. Around the forest, only takes about 10-15 minutes, and out of this forest back to the main road about 100 meters from the entrance position.

Furthermore riding motorcycles around 500 meters from the point of entry, you will find several places to eat overlooking the beach. Here are many beach activities offered one canoe, which could be used by two people.

If you want a taste of the other side of the Mangrove forest, canoe rental is recommended. Or if the lack of confidence to paddle his own canoe, rent a boat without an engine that will be in the guide by locals.

Canoing I do from the coast towards the sea, then leads to the mouth and into the mangroves. More exciting again, the time of entry into the small streams among mangrove trees, silent silently stray currents and a little worried because like many here maze of mangrove roots branch streams that crisscrossed.

Excitement is not over, when the currents of the ocean toward the swamp started fast, I have to rotate to maneuver back to the starting point at the beach with against the current, paddling quite heavy but enjoyable. Back to the beach ... swim while waiting for the meal of grilled fish that was already booked.


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