PacitanJava's southern coast still holds hidden natural beauty waiting to be discovered. Buyutan beach in Pacitan is one of them. The lack of road access makes Buyutan unspoiled beach and clean.

Me and some friends took to jamming Buyutan trip to the beach when it was still very quiet. Clues leading to the beach Buyutan still very low, but you simply follow the instructions to Klayar beach, because the beach next to each other.

Buyutan beach located in the village of Widoro, District Donorojo, Pacitan. Do not hesitate to ask the locals if you are heading to the beach Buyutan confusion.

Access to the beach is still inadequate, perhaps because the beach is not managed properly. I suggest not wearing sedan to come to the beach Buyutan.

After going through a heavy access, you 'll come to a cliff with a beautiful landscape for photography enthusiasts. Expanse of fields and huts of locals as well as views of the beach and sea from the cliff top offers panoramic views that can let go of tired after the trip.

Heading to the beach, you have to down a cliff to a footpath. However, according to information from a friend who recently visited there, currently being made ​​for access down the cliff.

Buyutan beach was fairly deserted from the bustle of visitors, perfect for those who want a deserted beach. But unfortunately, there are no food vendors stalls. So, prepare for drinking water release thirst after climbing up or down.

Let's keep the beauty Buyutan by not leaving trash!

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