From Sabang to Merauke, at least there are 5 islands in Indonesia, so the traveler favorite vacation spot.

For about the island, there is the category of favorite holiday island in Indonesia. From the Pacific to Lombok, here's 5 favorite holiday island in Indonesia:

1 . Bali ( 49 % )

Who said the Bali is boring. The proof, this island is ranked first in the favorite vacation island in Indonesia and selected by 1,931 readers. Bali has all the requirements to become a favorite holiday island. Rows of beach, beautiful lakes, mountains up there able to make anyone fall in love.

Just choose, you can come to Kuta beach for sunbathing, surfing adrenaline racing in Suluban, romantic dinner on the outskirts of the beach in Jimbaran, diving in Tulamben, inhaling the cool air at Lake Batur, or climb Mount Agung in Bali so the highest point. If you want to find serenity in Bali, lifted up to Ubud famous for cycling while looking green rice fields or enjoy a classy spa there.

Still not satisfied? Step foot to hunt for souvenirs unique Balinese Market Sukowati, hunting beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot, see the dolphins in Lovina Beach, in the serene atmosphere dissolves in Siring Palace, or the pictures in GWK. Do not forget to see the Barong or Kecak dance worldwide there. Bali, yes it is paradise!

2 . Lombok ( 27 % )

Lombok sits in second place in a favorite holiday island in Indonesia and selected 1,060 readers. Located next to the island of Bali, Lombok increasingly traveler known for its natural beauty is still beautiful and exotic. Lombok 's famous, of course, the three dyke, Mount Rinjani, Senggigi Beach, and the south coast region.

Senggigi Beach, you can comb brown sandy beaches and sunbathe there. Around the coast there are also many famous attractions, such as Batu Bolong and Pura Bukit Malimbu. This was also seen on the beach with a beautiful sunset background view of Mount Agung in Bali.

Three dyke, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan it is worldwide popularity. You will see the number of foreign tourists more than local tourists in Gili Trawangan. The appeal of this small island is a clean white beaches, beautiful underwater world, and no pollution. Gili Air and Gili Meno is equally beautiful to go.

For those who like adventure, Mount Rinjani is the place. This mountain has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level and promises beautiful scenery along the way, like Lake Segara Anak. Not only that, waterfalls Spring Gile and Tiu Kelep at the foot of the mountain also offers coolness. One more well-known in Lombok is a by - him in the form of pearls!

3 . Karimun Island ( 10 % )

Karimun Islands in the sea off Jepara, Central Java, as many as 396 readers selected as the favorite island in Indonesia. Karimunjawa is an archipelago with 27 islands and only 5 inhabited islands, namely Publications, Kemujan, Parang, Mosquitoes, and Genting.

What can you do in Karimunjawa? Please play clean white sand beaches without rubbish in Big Pine Island. From the edge of the beach, you can also see the sea of ​​blue and purple gradation. If you like the panoramic sunset, stop into the Gulf Gelam. There was a golden light reflected off the oceans.

A unique experience you can get in Karimun Island Menjangan Besar. Get ready to come to the captive sharks and marine animals are seen clearly in sight. In fact, there is a pool that is provided specifically as a place to swim with sharks. For divers, dive in waters in small Menjangan Island. Many coral reefs are white, yellow, red, gold up there . Gorgeous !

 4 . Seribu Islands ( 8 % )

Not far from Jakarta, there is the Seribu Islands that sit in fourth as the favorite in the Indonesian islands. Selected as many as 299 readers, Seribu Islands so the perfect place to soothe the mind that is not far from the capital.

The islands are beautiful and clear blue waters of the Seribu Islands so treats. There are six islands which are always visited traveler, namely Tidung Island, Semak Daun Island , Bira Island, Pari Island, Hope Island, and Angel Island. Travelers usually snorkel, play banana boat or visit the Bridge of Love in Tidung Island. While the Bushes Leaf Island, is uninhabited island and had deserted white sand beaches.

5 . Belitung ( 7 % )

Who does not know Belitung Island? Island in the eastern part of Sumatra is gained prestige because of the film Laskar Pelangi. The film shows the charm of the Pacific famous for its granite boulders are large. No wonder, because that's the beauty of Belitung Island 284 readers detikTravel selected as favorite island in Indonesia.

If you want to see the granite rocks on the beach were great, came to the Cape Coast High. The rocks there just lined up on the beach and there is a high reach more than two meters. You can take pictures in there or go up to the top of the rock to see the beautiful ocean in sight. Not only that, Cape Coast High also has white sand beaches and turquoise sea water.

If you want to snorkel in the Pacific, came to the island Galangal. Coral reefs and underwater life is still very natural. If you 're bright, you can see the colorful coral reefs and various marine fish funny without having to turn themselves. Galangal Island also has a lighthouse that you can climb. The scenery from the top, do not doubt her beauty!


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