Outside of the cluster is not playing the beautiful beaches, Bali has lots of other interesting things, such as the traditional village of Tenganan. This tourist village still retains a distinctive Balinese customs and peaceful atmosphere.

Try not ever point your compass toward the eastern part of Bali. If you have never heard of this place, means that this time you are required to read it through to completion.

Precisely at Manggis district, Karangasem regency. If you 've been in Candi Dasa, customary village is located about 6-10 km from there. His name Tenganan Village. You must know there are 3 villages in Bali which still maintains a pattern or way of life until now. Consider, there is Trunyan Village, Village Sembiran and Tenganan Village.

Can you imagine, the tradition of the first inherited by their ancestors, until now they still keep and preserve. Is not that like these are almost gone from Indonesia?

Almost of all the daily life in the village of Tenganan is still maintaining the excellent heritage of his ancestors. From the shape of the buildings, the layout of the buildings, the buildings, and the location of the temple still they maintained until modern times like today.

Some time ago I visited this place. Unfortunately, I arrived was almost evening and the weather was not supportive. But actually for a traveler, who like this would be more interesting.

Although I did not get to enjoy the performances that showcased almost every hour is over. Oh yes, every show has its own schedule. It can be seen on the big board as you enter the village.

If you visit in June, then you can see outstanding performances. Its name Mekaré - kare or better known as pandanus war. Sambah Ngusaba procession ceremonies was held for 30 days each year you know. So do not worry about missing, and it lasts 2-4 times.

You should also took time to get around. Enjoy the village atmosphere was incredible ease. Lots here craftsmen. So visitors can enjoy the many crafts on display. Surely your camera lens will never stop or not to take a break this special moment.

How, when your eyes usually see tall buildings in the city, this time your eyes will see the new atmosphere that would make your eyes afraid to blink. Not his fault that perhaps this June, you quickly prepare your itinerary and travel tickets to Bali for a stop in this beautiful village.

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