Perhaps,a lot of people hard to believe that in Ayutthaya, Thailand, there is a statue of Buddha's head in the trunk without human intervention. The Buddha head was considered sacred and become a magnet for tourists in Ayutthaya.

That makes Ayutthaya interesting is, this city is the former capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Former palaces and temples scattered across the city. While the modern city of Ayutthaya was built on it.

No wonder Ayutthaya received the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. The most extensive temple complex is spread in the area of ​​Ayutthaya Historical Park.

Various monasteries, temples, palaces and a lot of former ancient buildings scattered here surrounding. It is the former ancient city of Ayutthaya King Ramathibodi I built in 1350. Ayutthaya so brilliantly until it was demolished in 1767, the Burmese army.

I've been reading a tourist icon in Ayutthaya on a Buddha's head inside the Bodhi tree. Bodhi Tree is a sacred tree for Buddhists where the historical Siddhartha Gautama meditated under this tree.

Really unique, how come there are Buddha head in a tree? Wat Mahathat has come closer, curiosity is getting upset. During the day in Ayutthaya very hot summer, but in the early afternoon, the temperature started to be friends.

In front of Wat Mahathat, standing ticket booth. Travelers pay 50 Baht, cheap isnt it? I immediately burst into, seek Bodhi tree in question. Bodhi tree is the same as the Bodhi tree that I have encountered in Sri Lanka.

Large high as banyan, but leaves a small round object. Ancient kingdoms embraced Buddhism Bodhi usually planted in their places of worship.

Under the Bodhi tree that I prove the existence of a statue of Buddha is perhaps most unique in the world. A real Buddha 's head is in the tree. Large tree trunks embrace and hug the statue of Buddha 's head smile.

An information board giving information at a glance. " What remains of the Buddha statue is the head, while the body is gone. Buddha statue head is in force in the Ayutthaya period. Chief is located at the base of the Bodhi tree. "

How could this Bodhi tree naturally grows with the head of the Buddha in it ? My guide said, this Buddha statue was intact but when looting the Burmese army raid, allegedly damaged the statue and the head fell to the young Bodhi tree.

Bodhi Tree Buddha head wrap and then grow naturally. Bodhi tree hugging him tightly into a position that can be seen today travelers. It's amazing what can be done by nature.

In front of the statue of Buddha's head is no place to kneel to pray for Buddhists. The atmosphere here is serene with lush shade of the Bodhi tree, providing fresh oxygen and protect tourists from the sting of the blazing hot sun.

Wat Mahathat presents a calm and contemplative atmosphere. I chose to sit quiet and still enjoy the atmosphere, while the group of French tourists and the guides provide an explanation.

The sun is getting down. Furthermore, I can not miss Wai Kru ceremony because of participants with hundreds of Thai Boxing fighters from around the world who will dance the dance of respect for their teachers in Muay Thai Festival in Ayutthaya.

I was saying goodbye to Wat Mahathat and the Buddha at the Bodhi tree. This curiosity was satisfied conveyed.

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