Bali is not one referred to as the Island of the Gods. Every corner of the place is gorgeous to behold. Greatness of Hindu culture and religion embodied in many places, one of them Uluwatu Temple.

That afternoon sunny weather really support our plan, I and a friend, drove to the southern peninsula of Bali. Our main goal is Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is sacred to Hindus considered a gift begged to organize life on this earth.

This is my first time visiting Uluwatu Temple. But for my friends, this is the third time, it's the reason why I had him, so as not to get lost. Another reason would be nice to go there that accompany.

The sun was not right on the head, when we finished lunch and we decided immediately step on the gas to our main goal. Jalan Uluwatu is now increasingly crowded, in contrast to 4-5 years ago.

Although the distance is only a few minutes away from Jimbaran, the first known travelers, Uluwatu apparently still have not touched it. Not to many tourists visiting this place, except for visiting Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park to see the giant statue of Lord Vishnu and Garuda into mount.

If now is not asked, Uluwatu road now has jammed hours especially on the road to the intersection Ungasan. Sidewalk dining, cafes, meeting up, easy to find on the road, as well as a mini market to the supermarket.

Do not forget, if you had only one or two magnificent resort in Uluwatu, now along with the height of the tourists who come both domestic and foreign tourists to the various levels of accommodation facilities are also increasingly easy to find. It is not without reason. Southern peninsula of Bali was hiding a lot of charm waiting to be explored, especially beaches.

Call it the new Pandavas beach known, but immediately skyrocketed in popularity among travelers. Or Balangan Beach which has a background in the open sea cliffs and become the most preferred location for the couple say the pledge of allegiance.

Padang Padang beach and surfers paradise Bingin being Nyang Nyang or Beach and Green Bowl that beauty really worth the trip must be taken to achieve both. While the Uluwatu temple itself is one of the magnets that always managed to lure tourists.

Our goal is getting closer to the gate marked Welcome to our newly passed. A few minutes later we had arrived at the portal guarding and paying two thousand dollars to the clerk for motorcycle parking services.

Temple parking area is quite spacious and organized, even it seems, can accommodate dozens of buses as well, though most are used as the location of a row of stalls selling drinks and coffee. After paying the entrance fee of two hundred thousand dollars we are given Senteng (shawl) to be tied at the waist before entering the temple area.

Senteng in Hindu beliefs have significant value as a meaningful symbol to control emotions and bad things that human beings and must be charged before entering the temple as a sacred area.

It's important to heed warnings to Mr guard booth first store sunglasses, hats, hair clips and other accessories are easily separated. Because the monkeys here are believed to guard the sanctity of the famous temple of ignorant.

For a moment we entered the temple area was approached by a grandmother who offer pieces of fruit wrapped in a small plastic. "For monkeys. Two thousand," she said, smiling.

I also took two packs. And correct. Just a few steps we've intercepted a herd of monkeys were given food bill. One of the herd was even aggressively jumped into the back and climbed up to the shoulder in order to reach the fruit wrapped in my left hand.

Furthermore, predictably, in the blink of fruit parcels had already changed hands without being opened. Luckily I wear regular glasses already sitting pretty in the bag. If not? must have taken a monkey.

Arriving at the court of the temple I did not go directly to the temple, but down the cliff on the left side first. Edge of the cliff on the left side bounded concrete fence and staircase steps to adjust the contour so safely skipped.

Even so, when I saw that there are still tourists who dare to jump the fence just to be able to pose on top cliff with background of the temple. Not a wise move and risky in my opinion and should not be emulated in order to show the roads not turn into a disaster.

Kecak dance stage performances are staged each before sunset was also there at the side with a separate entrance that is only limited by plant fences. It is said that this stage can accommodate up to 700 people and the location chosen sestrategis possible with views off to the Indian Ocean and the more beautiful when the sun goes down.

Curiosity led me to continue the journey until exhausted guardrail. Footpaths pass through the forest and were surprised by the occasional herd of monkeys jumping from one tree to another.

It turns out that the left view of the tip of the cliff is not less beautiful. Fresh green grass and trees extends to the hill on one side directly facing the open sea on the other. Amazed and grateful to Almighty to enjoy the masterpiece.

Satisfied with the narcissistic and selfie, we then headed back to the main temple located at the front of the court. Uluwatu Temple is located at the end of the cliff that juts into the sea with a height of almost 100 meters above sea level.

Position is face to face with three other important temple of Pura Andakasa, Pura Batur and Besakih, Pura Uluwatu make gain spiritual power which is believed to give the gift of life balance is perfect for Hindus.

However, to maintain the sanctity, Uluwatu temple is only open to those who pray alone. Other visitors and tourists can only see from the outside fence at chest level layered limestone.

I realized that from the many herds of monkeys are seen almost in every corner actually has not seen around the temple building. Even if there is, only one or two tail only rose in the concrete barrier fence climbing the right side only. Why is that? I do not know.

I plan to continue along the right side of the cliff temple when my friend got a call so we had to be back. Seen from a distance the fence is longer and the flute like there is a bale. Do the same beautiful scenery when viewed from here? I will be back next time for sure.

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